Clap Handies

Formed in 2006, ClapHandies currently runs over 70 classes every week across Dublin and Wicklow. Their instructors are a group of early child developmental experts, Montessori teachers, infant massage teachers, healthcare professionals, sports experts and music teachers. Of course, many of their instructors are also mothers.

How they got started

Liza Crotty was determined to be the best parent she could be. She was surprised and disappointed by the limited choice of fun developmental and educational activities there was. She talked to her friends and their friends (and even some strangers on the street!) and everyone seemed to be in the same position… There was very little on offer for very young children and parents, nannies and expecting parents.

So she developed the PlayLabs with her customers. And work-shopped the PlayLabs with more than 50 families over a six-month period – watching, listening and learning, seeing what interested the little ones, what worked, what challenged and engaged them, and more importantly what didn’t work!

Shortly after launching PlayLabs, ClapHandies was asked by customers to start running First Aid Courses for parents. So they joined forces with Responder Training to deliver our First Aid courses. To date, they have trained over 3,000 parents in First Aid.

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