Every family has a story,
make your next chapter an exciting one!


Our mentors are experienced parents who have relocated with children. They share their hard-won wisdom, practical knowledge, local advice and useful contacts to guide you throughout your relocation to reduce stress and anxiety.

  • One-to-One or Two-to-One mentoring with experienced mentors.
  • Address expectations vs reality with up-to-date information on family life in Dublin.
  • Tap into our contacts and connect with local professionals and services.
  • Actively investigate areas in which you require support.
  • Eases cultural shock and promotes a smoother more enjoyable transition.
  • Communication via emails, video/phone calls, or face-to-face.

If you are interested in mentoring you can request a complimentary 15-minute phone call by emailing bee@fgg.ie.

Connecting People

Creating a new network of friends before, during and after your physical relocation is an essential part of the integration and significantly reduces stress, anxiety, isolation and homesickness. Whether you need to reach out to ask questions, find like-minded friends or organise playdates our social network provides the ideal platform to meet others.

  • Our social media offers a diverse network of families living in and around Dublin.
  • Our Buddy Program actively connects you with families in your local area.
  • We host regular meet-ups to allow you to expand your network and discover Dublin.
  • We introduce you to local businesses who come highly recommended by our members.


Coaching is a unique present-future focused process between you and a coach who helps you accomplish your goals. Using powerful questioning, your coach will help you explore your feelings, bring clarity to your current situation, and help you identify the best options to move forward. The process is incredibly empowering as you take accountability to achieve your vision with fresh perspectives.

Transition coaching will help you adapt to family life in Ireland and view your relocation as a door to many opportunities.

Emotional coaching will help you explore, understand and manage your emotions such as anxiety, anger, sadness or trust. Being more emotionally aware will help you communicate better and improve relationships with your partner, child(ren), family, friends or colleagues.

Career Coaching will help you identify steps to achieve your career objectives and gain career confidence and inspiration.

  • Sessions are strictly confidential and abide by the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics.
  • Coaching sessions are 1hr and focus on YOU and YOUR agenda.
  • Coaching can be done face-to-face or by phone/video call.

If you are interested in coaching you can request a complimentary 15-minute phone call by emailing bee@fgg.ie