Lunchbox Inspiration Meet-up – Panda Play Cafe – 25th October 2016

Lunchbox Inspiration Meet Up



Ah, the lunchbox dilemma!
Every day, we prepare bags for school and we want to send our children off with delicious and healthy food. But what should I give my child? In what quantity? Should I add an ice pack? Will it be messy? Even if you are a lunchbox expert, it’s hard to find nutritious food (that actually gets eaten), every single day.

On October 25th, we organised an open-for-all-families event, so that members can share their tips and tricks, and connect. We wanted to inspire one another with stories and met at Panda Play Cafe, where parents can chat over a coffee whilst watching the children have fun. A dozen of us met around the long table filled with food, lunchboxes and paraphernalia.

We realised one thing at this event: we all struggle with food and our children, and we all try to be creative, sneaking some healthy food into their body. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. We laughed at our failed attempts and children’s inconsistent behaviours. Some of us actually had great success stories to tell, and it was refreshing to learn ideas that could work.

Our sponsors for the event, Glenisk, Ecotots and Uniformity were amazing. Ecotots kindly offered parents a discount on their lunchbox range, Uniformity were really kind to lend us lunchboxes and water bottles to help us see beyond the good old plain plastic box and Mummy Cooks kindly lent us their very handy insulated food flask that keeps food not only hot but cool too. Glenisk offered us samples of their yoghurt range, both for children and adults with many different flavours to try, and coupons to redeem free yoghurt at any supermarket.

Everyone went home with a goodie bag filled with yoghurts, coupons, discount codes on Ecotots and Mummy Cooks and Glenisk books to read and enjoy with their children. Bee even wrote a very useful list of ideas to gather for a healthy lunchbox. You can download it at the end of this post.


Healthy Food Ideas for the Lunchbox (PDF)

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